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HowMac offers thirty-six standard colors. Please note, colors displayed here will vary from the actual paint colors. With acrylic latex paint when a clearcoat is applied to achieve a gloss finish, colors will appear darker. Custom color matching is available, specify with a Pantone® number or for critical matching, provide a color sample. Note: PMS comparisons are similar to our colors, but not exact matches.

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Jubilee Green

PMS 355c or 356c

Sky Blue

Between PMS 639U & 640U

Bright Orange

PMS 165C

Duronodic Bronze

Pantone Black 2C


Green Apple

PMS 363C

Vivid Blue

PMS 293C

Dark Grey

PMS 431C

Tomato Red

PMS 1788C


Darker than PMS 4625C

Antique White

PMS 7499U

Cactus Green

Between PMS 3425C & 342C

Intense Blue

Between PMS 300U & 301U

Battleship Grey

PMS 430C

Dark Red

PMS 187C

Dark Brown

Darker than PMS 476C

Lemon Yellow

PMS 108C

Hunter Green

Darker than PMS 3308C

Reflex Blue

PMS Reflex Blue (not exact)


PMS 2597C

Fire Red

Between PMS 186C & 187C

Metallic Gold

Golden Yellow

PMS 130C


PMS 3285C

Blue Violet

Darker than PMS 7455C


PMS 241C or 227C


PMS 188C or 491C

Metallic Silver


PMS 1235C

Slate Blue

PMS 652U

Dark Blue

PMS 281C

Poppy Red

PMS 485C


Deeper than PMS 505C

Light Metallic Bronze

Similar to Satin Lite Bronze Metal